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Leon, a five-year-old boy from the United Kingdom, was born with a brain condition called Chiari malformation. This disease causes the brain to push towards the spinal cord, causing recurring headaches.

Due to Leon’s condition, his parents thought of providing him with a loving companion. They decided to adopt a Cocker Spaniel puppy they later named Fern.

Despite facing many obstacles at an early age, the kid still brims with confidence. Leon’s parents do not call him by his real name because the young boy prefers being called Mowgli. This name is derived from the Jungle Book series.


Although a confident child, Hayley, Leon’s mom, said that her son does not want to interact with people. According to Hayley, Leon does not want to be around people because of his inability to communicate.

But when Fern arrived in Leon’s life, the kid began changing for the better. Leon started to open up to the dog, and he soon became happier and fulfilled.

Leon’s improvement is a welcomed development for both his parents. Leon’s parents believed that Fern was instrumental in the kid’s behavioral change. For them, the dog provided the kid with the needed understanding and companion.

In an interview, Hayley shared that she never thought that Leon’s condition would improve. She said this because she was there when the kid was growing up. Leon had a hard time having eye contact, interacting, and speaking.

This is why Fern’s arrival is a blessing for Leon and his parents. For one, the kid began to learn how to speak. In addition, the boy likewise started to mingle with other kids from the neighborhood.

Hayley is happy to see her son’s improvements because this was what she had been praying for a long time. The mom thanked Fern for helping Leon improved and be normal.

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