Do you celebrate your unique habits, or do you try to hide them? This puppy definitely embraced her quirky habit, and we’re here for it.

French Bulldog Haru certainly didn’t shy away from her stand-out habit, so way to go, pet!


I’m delighted that Haru’s mom revealed her pet’s adorable habit to the entire world wide web. With a unique practice like that, it just made the puppy stand out.

Haru’s mom posted this clip on the net, and it quickly got almost 200,000 views on YouTube.

You might ask yourself what Haru did to get all this attention. Well, Haru can’t help but rest her chin on anything and everything.

It is surely quite normal for a puppy to do so, but this furball made chin rests look special.

It might look awkward, but we can’t help but admit that this Frenchie’s practice is pretty cute on her. Could you say no and deprive this pet of attention if she rests her chin on you?

We don’t think anyone could. This pup’s actions are just too adorable to ignore, and we bet people who have seen this clip will agree.

Sweet practice

If dad’s working on something, Haru would be right there to rest her chin on his hand to get some love.

It doesn’t matter what this hooman’s doing. If the Frenchie needs some love, she’ll find a way to rest her chin on any of her dad’s body parts.

Haru just loves resting her chin on anyone, and any surface around the house. That includes the stairs, and if you don’t believe it, watch this clip until the very end.

The stairs couldn’t be a comfy place to rest on, but this Frenchie doesn’t think so. This puppy’s signature move is a guarantee that wherever she is and whatever happens, she’ll always delight us!

Credits to Griffin Frenchie via YouTube


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