Most people who’re not familiar with a dog’s temperament think that their size’s correlated with their attitude. The larger the dog is, the fiercer their personality becomes.

However, a particular Great Dane proves to us that size isn’t an issue when interacting with their pals, especially those smaller than them.

Can I sleep with you?

In this video, one can see two adorable pooches lying contentedly on the floor. But, a closer look at the scenario reveals to us that only one of them lies on the floor, while the other’s perched atop its body.


The pooch sleeping on the mattress is a Great Dane named Dayna, while the pajama-clad tiny dog sitting on top of her is Kizzy, a Chihuahua. Despite their current situation, Dayna’s oblivious to everything that’s happening as she carries on with her peaceful slumber.

A few seconds later, Kizzy starts walking on Dayna’s body, perhaps finding a spot that’s comfortable for her. As soon as she sees it, Kizzy immediately plops her body on Dayna’s and start her evening ritual.

Don’t wake her up, Mom!

After Kizzy did a few positional tweaks, she finally settles down. The pooch even gazes intently at Mom in an attempt to tell her not to disturb her best friend’s sleep.

However, no matter how Mom carefully shifted her position, she still woke Dayna. The bewildered pooch looked in a daze at her surroundings, wondering what interrupted her peaceful snooze. To appease her friend, Kizzy starts pawing on Dayna’s shoulder, seemingly telling her everything’s alright.

When Dayna somehow understood the gist of what happened, she slowly lowered her head on the floor and resumed sleeping. As for Kizzy, she once again started cleaning herself, careful not to disturb Dayna’s slumber.

If you’re curious to check the pair’s doting interaction, feel free to check on the video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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Cathy D. Evans
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