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Baxter is a little dog and he used to be abused by his former owner. He is a Pomeranian. It was a good thing that their neighbor reported the dog’s situation to animal control. The neighbors were concerned because they heard a dog crying in pain.

When rescuers went to the reported address, Baxter was on the house’s deck, unconscious. There were signs of beating on his body. Thinking that the dog was dead, he was left by his owner on the deck.

Baxter was brought to the Nebraska Humane Society. The vets saw that he had some brain swelling. They were unsure if the dog would make it. When Baxter became conscious, they were surprised and happy.


However, the dog’s damage to his brain would be permanent. The vets said that they think that this injury may be because of beatings he got from his owner many times.

People around Baxter tried to help him as much as possible. They also were happy seeing that the dog was also not giving up the fight. Thanks to the love and care given to him, healing happened to Baxter.

Baxter was not able to walk or stand straight again because of the injuries he got. But that didn’t stop him from living a full life. He slowly showed everyone that he was a sweet dog who loved to play.

A woman who was working at the Nebraska Humane Society fell in love with Baxter despite his injuries. She decided that she wanted to adopt the dog and so she did. She gave him a home where there was love for him. It was a total opposite of the one that he had lived in before.

Baxter’s story was shared many times on social media and it has inspired plenty of people to help out abused dogs.

Source: NeHumaneSociety


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