Xena, a cute golden retriever, was always alone when her fur mom, Lucy, goes out. When Lucy comes home, Xena would grab any shoe that’s near her and greet Lucy with it. Xena would always cry happily indicating that she’s glad Lucy is home already.

Lucy would get worried and guilty leaving Xena alone, so she thought it’d be perfect for her to find a companion.

Little did Xena know, her life would change at that moment.


When Xena was 3, they introduced a golden baby retriever named Finn. Without a doubt, Xena and Finn just clicked right then and there.

They would play and goof around nonstop. Finn loves to cuddle next to Xena like it’s his favorite thing to do.

One time, Xena would lay on a corner, minding her own business, and Finn would go to her and lay as well. Finn became a magnet to her, and Xena doesn’t complain at all.

Now, silly Finn discovered a hilarious way to annoy Xena. He would walk right over her and sit on top of her head. Finn even takes a nap right there and makes Xena her living bed.

It was Finn’s favorite thing to do that he does it to Xena anytime and anywhere. Finn would lay on top of her on the bed, couch, and floor. Xena is very patient with it and just lets him do his thing.

Finn does it every time until they get older, and even when he is now the same size as his sister, he doesn’t care and still continues to jump or sit on Xena’s head to get her attention.

They would love to fight and play with each other like how classic siblings do. But then again, it always goes back to Finn annoying Xena every single time.

Because of Finn, Lucy no longer worries about leaving Xena in their house because she knows that Xena and Finn are living their happiest moments together.

Source: The Dodo via Facebook


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