While most siblings fight over the toys they play with, others prefer to give way to make their siblings happy. Even if one of the siblings ends up not being able to play with the toy, they won’t mind so long as the other is happy.

Thus, a loving toddler allows his canine sibling to ride inside his toy car. And, it looks like the boy dotes on his dog so much that he even pats it on the head after their fun playtime.

Okay, here we go!

In this adorable footage, a boy stands behind a toy car. Yet, the lad isn’t alone in the area as one can notice a furry canine sitting inside the toy vehicle.


At first, you’ll think the doggo merely takes a quick break by sitting inside the toy car. But, soon enough, the lad begins pushing the car to steer his doggy sibling across the tiled floor.

The boy carries on pushing the toy car with the pup sitting calmly inside it. This scenario carried on for a few more moments until the lad suddenly stops pushing the toy vehicle.

Good job, buddy! That ride was great!

With this, the pup inside the toy car can’t help but wonder why its fur brother stopped driving it around the house. But, before the doggo can mull over its thoughts, the lad slowly raises his hand.

Then, the boy extends his right arm towards the canine and begins stroking its furry back. At some point, the lad even gives his doggy sibling a light pat before he switches hands.

And, like earlier, the boy extends his left hand towards the canine’s head. However, the lad finds the doggo too cute that it can’t stop itself from patting its head repeatedly.

How do you think the canine reacts to its fur brother’s sweet gestures? You’ll only discover what happens next by peeking at the footage linked below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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Cathy D. Evans
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