Caroline Earle was an animal welfare advocate who came from a wealthy and influential family. When Caroline witnessed the miserable situations of animals, she became determined to help them. She had deep sympathy for abused horses, who were being forced to work.

Caroline worked with Henry Bergh at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Women and men had unequal rights before, and Caroline was not even allowed to sit as a board member of her own organization. Aside from animal welfare, Caroline also supported women’s rights.

Caroline was not satisfied although ASPCA was successful. She wanted women to participate in advocacy for animal welfare. Caroline put up Women’s PSPCA, which became the Women’s Humane Society. One of the projects of the organization was to build a facility called refuge.


The refuge is the first shelter for the animals in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. It rescues many animals from rooster fighting, dog fighting, and animal baiting. The WPSPCA blames alcohol as a cause of animal abuse. People who drink alcohol tend to be more abusive to animals.

The WPSPCA installed many drinking fountains in the entire country. The drinking fountains will help people to avoid drinking alcohol by having free access to water. The drinking fountains will also give animals clean water to drink.

Caroline started the American Anti-Vivisection Society when she discovered that the animals were used for medical testing. She also supported the legislation that would ensure their access to transportation. Fortunately, all of her projects are successful.

The Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children was started when cases of child abandonment increased. Caroline encouraged people to join their organizations, but they refused since they did not want to help the animals. She believed that organizations helped humans by boosting their morale.

Caroline inspires people to be kind and compassionate to animals. Being kind to animals will help them become more gentle and merciful to anyone. People who are not abusive will surely succeed in their lives.

Fortunately, there are kind and compassionate people who are willing to help animals. With the help of organizations, many people become aware of animal welfare. The animals experience comfortable lives because they receive the proper care and treatment that they deserve.

Credits to Pennsylvania SPCA


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