It’s important to have lifeguards at a well-populated beach. Sometimes such lifeguards require the assistance of dogs. They are very agile and have proven invaluable for rescue work. Below is the story of a well-trained dog who serves as a lifeguard.

Labrador retrievers like Gom and Hyung are great service dogs. They have a lot of stamina and are very intelligent. If trained well, they can prevent people and other animals from drowning.

Hyung has proven himself to be a valuable asset for his owner, who’s a lifeguard. Gom, on the other hand, is a newer addition to the team but is full of potential. Before Gom can be deployed alongside Hyung, he needs to pass a certain test.


Gom’s owner had extensively trained him for the upcoming test. However, the dog isn’t showing great signs of cooperation. He’s adamant about getting into the water with his owner. Gom also hesitates to fetch balls thrown into the shore.

Despite such poor performance during practice, the owner still believes in Gom’s abilities. There’s a good chance that the dog will behave differently when someone in the water is calling for help. Additionally, Hyung has set a great example for him to follow.

The day of the lifeguard exam finally came. The owner was nervous, but he had faith in his dog. Such faith paid off when he saw Gom jump in the water without hesitation. His task was to help retrieve a few kids who were floating on the water wearing lifesavers. The owner breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that Gom became an official lifeguard assistant.

Ever since the successful exam, Gom has changed for the better. He no longer hesitated to dive in the water when he needed to. Together with Hyung, he became one best lifeguard dogs at their beach.

Video courtesy of SBS TV Animals via YouTube.


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