Although dogs are man’s best friend, sometimes, they can be a huge mess. Probably, they know how much their humans love them, that’s why they do as they please. One of these naughty pooches is a one-year-old golden doodle from Utah named Berkeley.

Every once in awhile, we hear stories about dogs that clutter their house. The chaos is usually a result of a fight between the pup and some stubborn furniture or other household items.

Berkeley recently found himself in a similar situation. His enemy? An uncooperative house plant.



Berkeley would have wanted to keep the fight between the two of them. But, unfortunately, he managed to get his head stuck in the plant’s pot. So, he was caught red-handed.

Berkeley’s owner, Justin Jones, found him lying on a cushion while the palm tree was tossed out of the pot. Its soil was spread all over the floor too.

Meanwhile, Berkeley could do nothing but innocently stare at his dumbfounded owner. According to Justin, Berkeley knocked the palm tree over then chewed it to pieces. It took him around an hour to clean the mess up.


Justin recorded the incident and shared it on social media. The clip has since earned millions of views, proving once again that dogs will always be loved regardless of what they do. In the video, Justin could be heard asking what Berkeley did.

Then, he told the pup that he’s a monster. Maybe, Berkeley is indeed one, but no doubt, he is the cutest monster there is on the planet.

Because Berkeley has earned himself some fans, Justin decided to create an Instagram account for his naughty pup. He also shared the same viral clip on his dog’s new social media page.

The post noted that while Berkeley’s parents weren’t happy about what he did, he still thought it was worth it.

Credit: Naughty_Berkeley


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