Blu, a white Pitbull, lived with her previous family since she was born. Unfortunately, when they lost their home, her owners were forced to move into a rental space and they had no choice but surrender her to the local shelter called Family Dog Rescue. She was flustered by the sudden change in her environment but she got by with the help of her rescue friends.

Rescue workers and volunteers were immediately smitten with the 6-year-old dog. They adored her from the start, but not everyone was like them. Because the dog was deaf, potential adopters weren’t interested in her.


Blu almost came to believe that she will spend the rest of her life at the shelter. She thought she’d never find a family again. But that was until local spouses Mark and Sean learned about her.

When Blu met Mark and Sean, she was ecstatic. She knew they wouldn’t leave the shelter without her, and she was right.

Blu felt instantly connected to her dads but she’s more attached to Sean. When she felt scared, she ran to him for comfort. And when she’s happy and excited, she made sure to share the delight with him.

It took some time, but the dog eventually got used to the new things in her life. She once feared car rides, but three years later, she couldn’t get enough of it. If she really could, she would spend all her days on the road.

Blu feels a little anxious from time to time but Mark and Sean never fail to reassure her that she’s safe and that she has no reason to feel afraid. They comfort her and shower her with tons of love. They spend a lot of time with her, too, to show her that she will never be on her own again.

Blu’s inability to hear may keep her from establishing a relationship with other dogs, but not with humans, especially with her dad. Because apparently, she listens with her heart and not her ears.

Source: Instagram@Blu and GeoBeats Animals


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