The police are not only tasked to protecting and saving the lives of people, but they also extend their services to our furry friends, as police officers at a police station in North Reading, Massachusetts, have shown.

When a troubled woman came into the station, they did not expect the emergency that they were going to face.

The woman was in a panic as she was carrying the limp body of her pet, a 9-week-old Saint Bernard puppy.


The puppy had been out cold for a few minutes and was unresponsive. It wasn’t breathing.

Springing into action, the officers at the police station immediately performed CPR on the lifeless dog as the owner panics behind them. She was crying and was walking around the station, not knowing if her dog was going to survive.

The owner was trying to explain to the officers what happened as they continued to perform CPR on the dog.

With proper training, the men in uniform remained calm in the face of the emergency. They were able to clear the throat of the puppy, and when he was breathing again, they gave him oxygen.

Once the puppy’s owner was sure that the puppy was okay, she was thankful to the men in uniform and took the puppy to the vet for further checkups.

In a later press statement, Police Chief Michael P. Murphy said that thanks to the rescuers following their training and remaining calm, they were able to save a life that day. It may not be a human, but it was a life nonetheless.

Even though such an incident does not happen every day, the officers were able to react accordingly, as they would in any emergency situation. And hopefully, the dog will make a speedy and full recovery.

Watch the daring puppy rescue in the video below.

Source John Guilfoil Public Relations via Vimeo


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