Animal Aid Unlimited found and rescued Comfy. When they first saw him, he was paralyzed and his hind legs were tied together. He sat on a pile of trash and waited for days for someone to come and help him.

The rescuers never discovered what exactly happened to the poor dog. But with how they found him, they believed someone intentionally bound his legs and dumped him on the streets to die. He didn’t have any wounds but he was clearly in pain.


Comfy’s entire body was so rigid. His injured spine left his hind legs useless. But it was a relief when the rescuers realized all his four legs still had sensation. It was a really great sign that he could walk again.

The volunteers gave the dog some pain meds to lessen his discomfort. They fed him and let him rest for the remainder of the day. They agreed to start his physical therapy the following morning once he’s well-rested.

Everything was all set for Comfy’s physiotherapy but once he woke up, his mood completely changed. He barked and growled at the rescuers. He wanted them to back off and refused to let anyone of them touch him.

The dog needed help but it was impossible to start his healing process without touching him. For the next few days, the rescuers worked on gaining his trust. Eventually, he realized they were there to help him.

Comfy still barked at times but he calmed down almost instantly. He learned to enjoy his therapy sessions. It was gradual but he showed great improvements as the days went by.

About five months after his rescue, Comfy decided to surprise his rescue family. Without their help, he stood up and walked on his own. All he needed was time and a little kindness to defeat the odds, and he was grateful for everything Animal Aid did for him.

Credits to Animal Aid Unlimited, India


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