A hairless rescue pooch became internet famous because of his strange appearance. He appears to be always smiling because of an abnormality that he was born with.

The two-year-old Chupey looks so adorable. He looks like he is wearing a permanent grin. His condition makes him unable to cover his teeth with his lips.

According to Kaley Carlyle, Chupey’s owner, she has been rescuing pooches over five years. Then, she suddenly met Chupey, who was born in October 2018.


Carlyle is a radiation therapist from Georgia. She narrated how she came across Chupey. She said that someone brought puppies having seizures to her. Later, the same person brought her another set of puppies. This time, the little ones were all healthy, but one of them looked different.

The wolf-like puppy was Chupey. Carlyle agreed to take care of the pooch as long as the person who brought the litter promised that she would have the dog mom spayed.

At first, they didn’t know why Chupey looked different. He looks very different compared to most dogs. He doesn’t have enough fur. He has tiny beady eyes, and he has inside-out ears. His teeth are always showing, so he looked like he’s always grinning.

Carlyle discovered that Chupey had liver problems. The pooch also feels tired all the time that he sometimes sleeps almost the whole day. He needed to undergo treatment and a special diet.

The adorable pooch also needed to wear sunscreen all the time because he doesn’t have fur to protect him from the extreme heat of the sun. Carlyle gave him a bunch of cute clothes for added protection.

According to Carlyle, she decided to name the pooch Chupey based on the Chupacabra, a Mexican folklore creature. It definitely suits the pooch because he has a hyena-like grin and a wolf-like appearance.

The adorable pooch turned out to be very friendly. He also loves cuddling with his mom. Carlyle adores him so much, and she insists that people should adopt dogs even if they aren’t pure breeds.

There are a lot of mixed-breed pooches who deserve as much love and attention that everyone gives to pure breeds. We need to give them a chance.

Thank you to Cheers for Chupey for this heartwarming story.


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