Christmas is a season of giving and helping for most people all over the world. Companies release a TV commercial during Christmas to depict these which will surely melt the hearts of everyone who will watch it.

One of the cute Christmas short films that was produced in the Philippines is from Globe Telecom. Globe Telecom, one of the companies under Ayala Group, is one of the leading telecommunications companies in the country. The short film is about an older man’s relationship with the lost dog.

The short film opened with a scene of a lost Cockapoo looking through the trash for food. An older man saw him and fed the dog. He then decided to bring the dog home.


The dog was given his much-need bath. The older man treated the dog as his own grandchild. He was fed with delicious food and was taught tricks. The dog was also provided with a nice space to sleep.

Indeed, the dog and the older man had a great time together.

As the short film goes by, the older man brings the dog for a walk at the nearby park to show the tricks to other people. The older man and the dog even put the Christmas decorations at home together. The older man chooses an angel ornament for the dog and attaches it to the dog’s collar.

One day, the older man chanced upon a “Lost Dog” sign when he was walking with his dog down the street. The photo looked like his dog.

It was hard for the older man to give the dog back to its rightful owner, but he had to do the right thing. He called the dog’s owners to claim him.

The family of the lost dog went to the older man’s house to claim the dog. The dog immediately ran up to the girl when she called his name.

Later on, the dog’s family decided to call up the older man and invited him to come over to their house to spend the Christmas Eve celebration.

The short movie clip ended up with the man putting up a new photo, showing him, Chobo, and the family, on his shelf full of photographs.

Watch the full short movie of Globe Telecom below:

Video credits to globeph via YouTube


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