Dash is just a cuddle-loving Pit Bull who wanted a hug or two before starting the day. He would stay still as he asked for some cuddles before eating his breakfast. Every morning started like that these past few years. His wish for unlimited hugs became real when Ben Johnson adopted him.

Johnson found Dash in the backroom of the humane society when he volunteered for the shelter. He found the Pit Bull all alone. He thought that it might be lonely for Dash, being all by himself. Johnson decided to approach the sad canine.

He knelt and held out his arms. He wanted to act nice to the dog and earn his trust. He wanted to create a bond. Dash slowly walked to him, pressing his head into Johnson’s chest. His arms held Dash for ten minutes.


The hugging turned into second nature for the two. There was no visit where there was no hugging. Trust and affection were shared between Johnson and Dash. Dash would never stop pestering him for an embrace.

Johnson sponsored Dash for the shelter’s charity walk the same year. It was a scorching hot afternoon, so the shelter allowed him to take Dash home. It was also a treat for the dog because he gets to roam outside his ordinary kennel.

He got used around Johnson’s home quickly. He immediately got along with the Lab mix. They snuggled together until the next day. Morning came, and he was nowhere to be found. Johnson looked everywhere for the pitbull and found him in the playroom.

He found Dash playing with his five-year-old son. His son was giving the pittie a dental check-up using a toy screwdriver. Dash did not show any aggression at all. He played with the child and allowed him to check his teeth. That was when Johnson realized that he was going to welcome Dash into his family.

Since then, Dash always asked for a hug every morning. He would expect hugs before he could eat and would ask for more. His tail would wag from all the excitement and would give cuddles 24/7. He had grown so close to the family, and Johnson was thankful for the loving Pit Bull.

Source: Ben Johnson via Facebook


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