Abby Frizzell is a Houston resident who has a soft heart for animals. As a dog owner herself, it breaks her heart to see canines that are suffering. That is why she tries very hard to help out.

One day, while she was driving to work, she noticed a black labrador lying near the road. The dog looked like he was in a great deal of pain. So even though she was already late for work, she stopped her car and got out to check on the pooch.

This decision gave the homeless pup a chance for a better life.


Whatever it takes


Just as Abby suspected, the stray lab was gravely injured. It was likely that she got hit by a car. The dog couldn’t walk and was crying in pain. The look of anguish on the pup’s face made it easy for the kind lady to decide to drop all her plans for the day.

The pooch, later named Holly, was rushed to an animal clinic. A team of dedicated vets made a series of tests, and the results were horrific. They learned that Holly was around two years old and had multiple injuries. Her lungs were punctured, and she had a fractured leg and a broken elbow.

The vets said that at that point, it would be merciful just to put the stray dog to sleep. Treating her injuries would cost more than 10,000 dollars.

Abby was not ready to give up yet.

A generous man

The young woman started a fundraiser, determined to save the dog’s life. Donations began coming, but she fell short. And just as everything seemed bleak, Abby reported that someone, who wanted to remain anonymous at that time, gave the remaining amount needed. He also offered to adopt Holly.

Once the dog has fully healed, she will transfer to her new home.

Abby later revealed that the generous man is Dallas Keuchel, a pitcher for the Houston Astros. The professional athlete is also a dog lover and has a pet French Bulldog. He is also not the only dog owner on the professional baseball team where he plays. Dallas and some of his teammates regularly organize fundraisers for animal shelters in Houston.

Source: GoFundMe


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