Puppies are the greatest. Not only are they quite adorably cute, but they are also very inquisitive of their surroundings.

The saying that there’s never a dull moment when you own a puppy has never been so right. With their shenanigans, your home is bound to be full of exciting moments. Puppies are also very smart, but more often than not, there will always be one pup who’s got his head over the clouds, or in this case, inside the food bag.

The puppy in the featured video below is non the smarter. Apparently, when no one was looking, the little ball of fur got into the bag of dog food to sneak in a mouthful. The tiny pup satisfied his hunger by taking morsels, careful not to get too much or mom might find out.


Alas, the pup’s greed got the better of him. The smell of food coming from the food bag was so great that he couldn’t help himself but dig into the entire bag. Since the opening was too small for the dog to fit in, he was content with just his head inside the delicious bag.

The pup shoves his head right inside the food bag and begins to take mouthfuls. Mom isn’t looking, so he continues to satiate his craving. Moments later, the pup feels satisfied and full.

“Time to get out of here before mom finds out I sneaked into the food bag,” the pup must have thought. But when he pulled his head out of the bag, he found that it was stuck! The sneaky little pup found himself in a sticky situation. Mom is going to find out what he’s been up to!

Sure enough, mom caught the thief red-handed, not with a pocketful of loot, but a food bag full of head—his head. The guilty puppy could only freeze in place, hoping that mom won’t see him if he doesn’t make a sound or a single movement.

Watch the hilariously adorable food bag thief who got his head stuck in the video below.

Source BVIRAL via Youtube


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