Nowadays, many of us consider our dogs as part of our family. They’re more than just pets, which is why we treat them like we would treat our family members. Unfortunately, not all people do this and some still treat dogs inhumanely.

In Mladenovac, Serbia, rescuers from Dog Rescue Shelter recently came across a puppy that was locked inside a small bird cage. They named the puppy Mini and the cage where she lived had little space to let her walk around and had no roof to keep her shielded from the weather.

Mini was in a horrible situation and she was so lucky that the rescuers found her before it was too late. They tried to get into contact with Mini’s owner but they couldn’t find them. When they couldn’t contact Mini’s owner, they decided to free her from the bird cage and take her back to their animal shelter.


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Mini received the care she needed and after she was given a clean bill of health, she was adopted by a loving family that gave her the home that she deserved. Mini is now living comfortably with her new loving family.

Mini enjoys her days playing with her human siblings who adore her. She loves going on walks with her family and spends most of her time cuddling with her human siblings. Mini is spoiled with treats, toys, and cuddles given by her loving family.

While adopting a dog from an animal shelter is encouraged, we still have to make sure that we can take care of the dogs we adopt and give them the life that they deserve. Adopting a dog is a big decision and it also means committing to a responsibility to give these creatures a good life.

Mini’s former owners were neglectful and treated her inhumanely. Thankfully, she was rescued and adopted by an amazing family. Here’s a video featuring Mini’s rescue and her new life with her new family.

Video Source Dog Rescue Shelter, Mladenovac, Serbia via YouTube


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