A golden retriever puppy went viral because of an unusual yet adorable look. Puppies, in general, are cute, but there’s something about this puppy that made everyone adore and love her. Let’s go and meet Rae.

This is Rae. She’s a golden retriever with a permanent injury– she only has one ear. When she was born, her left ear was accidentally injured, leaving her with only her right ear.


Initially, her right ear is on the right side of her head. But as she grew, her right ear gradually moved to the top of her head.

She’s already cute as it is, but her ear moving to the top of her head made her even more adorable. It made her look like a unicorn – an adorable golden retriever unicorn. She was too adorable that a lady named Sam couldn’t resist sharing a video of Rae on TikTok.

The video received a lot of hearts from all over the world.

Soon after going viral on TikTok, Rae’s owner decided to create social media accounts for Rae. She created the accounts on different social media platforms so that Rae’s fans could continue to see photos, videos, and stories about Rae.

Rae continues to charm her way through social media. A golden retriever puppy is already adorable on its own, but with Rae looking like a unicorn, she looks even more special. Unicorn fanatics adore her. Kids love how Rae looks.

The line from a song that goes, “what makes you different makes you beautiful,” definitely fits Rae.

She is one of a kind, and she is lovely. With Rae’s condition, her owners are making sure her remaining ear doesn’t get infected. An ear infection is something common with Golden Retrievers.

Rae’s owners get her ears checked once a week to make sure it’s healthy. Having one ear does not stop Rae from being a fun and energetic puppy. She’s living as normal as any other Golden Retriever pup.

Credits to goldenunicornrae.


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