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There is this one pooch named Razz Berry whose story went viral a few months ago. The viral story contained a photo of the dog after she was dumped by her former owner at an animal shelter. But it does not stop there. The picture went viral because she was had an odd costume put around her head – a cereal box.

After this incident, though, Razz Berry is already with her new family. When they heard about the dog’s story, the new family showed interest in adopting Razz Berry. Before her adoption, the pooch was with the Riverside County Animal Services. It was there where her previous owner dumped her.

Until this day, the reason for this incident remains unclear. The only sure thing, though, is that she is no longer welcome in her previous house.

When she arrived at the animal shelter, the volunteers noticed that there were fleas all over Razz Berry’s body. The volunteers said that this could probably explain why there was a box surrounding Razz Berry’s head. This is to avoid the insects to spread to other dogs, the volunteers said.

The previous owner even lied to the volunteers. She said that she found the dog at a nearby park. The volunteers then found out it was her who previously owned Razz Berry.

For their part, the volunteers attended to the dog’s immediate problem, which is her fleas. They were able to address the issue in no time. Razz Berry blossomed into an adorable pooch. According to the volunteers, the dog was energetic and playful. They then tried looking for a potential adopter for the pooch.

Soon enough, the dog was adopted. Razz Berry’s new family recently lost their dog due to old age. The reason why they adopted a new dog is that they want to continue with their life.

The animal shelter posted a photo of Razz Berry with her new family. In a Twitter post, the dog shelter showed how happy Razz Berry is in her new environment.

Credits to RivCo Animal Services.


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