Dogs love children and vice versa. We can only wonder how they form a very close bond as we witness how they communicate with just some gibberish babbles and incomprehensible whimpers. Their common denominator must be the unconditional love that both readily offer.

Ian is a lucky little boy whose best friend is Charlie, an adorable brown puppy. They are almost of the same age and grew up together. Their extraordinary friendship began when the two were only about three months old.

Callie has been neglected by her original owners and was eventually abandoned. Luckily, someone heard the poor puppy’s soft whimpers while she was tied and left alone to a fence. The kind man decided to adopt her and bring her home to be friends with Ian, who then was just a three months old baby.

The anxious puppy was mistreated. Even though she was so tired and sleepy, her self-preservation is so high that she never knew how to relax and lie down. Callie was just so scared and distrustful.

Her new parents thought of putting her near a sleeping Ian to entice her to have the much-needed nap. At first, Callie was refusing to give-in and was fighting to keep herself awake. Eventually, Ian’s peaceful sleep lured the wary puppy to curl up and gently lay her head atop Ian’s sleeping form.

The whole scene was so surreal and heartwarming. Callie’s parents finally succeeded in making her become entirely at peace and comfortable, thanks to Ian’s soothing presence. Good thing, they recorded a video of the little miracle that happened that day.

Ian and Callie are now both three years old, and their mom uploaded a video to update everyone about their relationship. The love between the two is so apparent, especially how Callie readily obeys and gently handles Ian while Ian gives Callie some treats and repeatedly commends her for being a good girl. You can watch the video below.

Video source: Cute Animals via YouTube


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