It’s always sad when we hear news about dogs being abandoned by their families. Usually, it’s the sick and elderly dogs that are surrendered in animal shelters and they often find it hard to find a new family. Since these dogs don’t get adopted easily, they are euthanized instead.

However, a dog named Egbert was only two years old when his family decided that they didn’t want him anymore. During the height of the pandemic lockdowns, Egbert’s family brought him to the veterinarian to be euthanized.

Thankfully, the veterinarian refused to put Egbert to sleep and contacted an animal rescue organization called Sidewalk Specials instead. After hearing about Egbert, the amazing staff at Sidewalk Specials acted almost immediately to help Egbert.


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Egbert had a lot of health issues due to neglect. He had mange, tick bite fever, and anemia. Despite his dire health condition, Egbert remained a sweet pup who just wanted to love and be loved. Egbert wasn’t in the best shape when Sidewalk Specials took him in.

Sidewalk Specials raised enough money through donations to help pay for Egbert’s veterinary treatments. Soon after he was healthy again, he was finally ready to get adopted. Sidewalk Specials make sure that all people coming in to adopt one of their rescues are committed.

It didn’t take long for Egbert’s story to go viral. A family adopted him and welcomed him into their home. They even decided to give Egbert a new name and decided on calling him Dusty. What’s truly amazing was Dusty’s incredible transformation after he was adopted by his new family.

He looks like a new dog. His fur is shining, he always has a big smile on his face, and he gets spoiled by his family with lots of toys and treats. Here’s a video of Egbert’s heartwarming story and his truly incredible transformation.

Video Source Sidewalk Specials via YouTube


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