People today are becoming more aware when it comes to adopting shelter dogs. Thanks to the continuing campaign on adopting instead of shopping for dogs, there’s been a dramatic increase in the demand to adopt shelter or rescue dogs.

Most people are opting to adopt shelter dogs instead of buying from breeders. This is a great thing because it helps homeless dogs find a loving forever home, and it gives them a second chance to be happy. Before, homeless or shelter dogs were euthanized if no one adopts them.

However, it’s another story for older or senior dogs. A dog named Holden was seized by the police from his owner. He was taken into a kill shelter, and because of his condition and his age, Holden was a candidate for euthanasia. It’s usually very hard to get senior dogs adopted.


Thankfully, a woman named Melissa heard about Holden, and she stepped in to foster the senior dog. Melissa runs an organization called Releash Atlanta, which fosters rescue dogs and find them a forever home.

Melissa has fostered and re-homed more than five hundred dogs, and she continues to be an advocate for these animals.

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When Melissa pulled Holden from the shelter, she noticed that he looked defeated and very sad. It’s as if he no longer had the will to live and was only waiting for death. Holden was also extremely emaciated, and when he was taken to the vet, they found a huge tumor in his spleen.

The huge tumor caused holden to have difficulty in breathing, and it needed to be removed for him to have a quality of life.

The only problem was that Holden was so weak that the vets weren’t sure if he would survive the surgery. However, Melissa still pushed for the operation to happen. Thankfully, the tumor was removed successfully, and Holden survived.

When the tumor was taken to the lab, the results were very promising. The cancer was found to be benign. Melissa eventually took Holden home, where he was introduced to several dogs that were also under the care of Melissa.

Holden was quite happy to meet the other dogs, and it didn’t take long for him to become comfortable around the other dogs.

Holden was having the best time of his life during his stay with Melissa. He’s started acting like a dog again. After three weeks under Melissa’s foster care, Holden finally meets a potential adopter, Carole.

The meeting went very well. Carole and Holden bonded instantly. Holden finally found a loving forever home. Coming from a sad past, Holden finally has a chance to live in a happy home where he’s going to get a lot of attention for the rest of his life. Holden even has a new doggie sibling named Elway in his new home.

Holden is very happy in his new forever home. He’s definitely catching up for all the years he lost by being a puppy again. Here’s a heartwarming video of how Holden was given a second chance in life.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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