For many years Scooter enjoyed a pampered life. He was loved, cared for, and had a home he could call his own. But everything was taken away from him the day that his beloved owner passed away. Scooter had no choice but to live in a shelter for homeless animals.

Scared and confused, Scooter kept to himself. He was already a senior at 12-years-old and didn’t know any other kind of life. At night, Scooter would go under a dark blue blanket covered with white stripes and tickets himself in. He would leave his head picking out from under his cover as if it was his protection from this new and unknown scary world.

Will he ever find happiness again?

Because of Scooter’s advanced age, the staff at the shelter had many doubts that he will ever find a family that would take him in., They knew from experience that most adopters look for puppies. They already have several seniors living with them, and they have accepted the fact that they may be there for the long haul.


Scooter’s fate changed when someone from the shelter shared Scooter’s photo and story. People started noticing him. The offers to adopt Scooter came pouring in from all over the world. But it was Jessica Lynn Howard who had the chance to bring the sad pup home.

chihuahua, dog, portrait

Jessica was preparing to go to sleep for the night when she came across the post featuring Scooter. She immediately felt sad for Scooter and told her husband that she was taking the pooch in. With his agreement, Jessica set out the next day to see Scooter. She drove six hours back and forth, but she got Scooter.

As soon as they arrived, the whole family welcomed him. This family included other senior Chihuahuas and Heelers. They treated Scooter as if they grew up together. With such a warm treatment, Scooter fully came out of his shell. He became active, playful, and very loving. Scooter is finally in a happy and loving home again.

Original video is no longer available. Instead this video replaces it as a reminder to please adopt senior dogs. They make just the most wonderful pets.

Source: Gertrude | Muttville via Youtube


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