When a dog gets abandoned, it takes a long time, along with so much love and care, for them to recover from the pain they feel from the abandonment.

For the Diasozo Animal Rescue Team volunteers in Karditsa, Greece, giving this much needed love and care is their mission. Their location has a lot of abandoned hunting dogs and strays who are much more likely to die of starvation before even getting help. Thankfully, a stray named Tasia was picked up by the rescue team and is currently on track to recovery.


Tasia’s heavy videos show her in dire condition when she was rescued. When the Diasozo Animal Rescue Team arrived to where Tasia was, she immediately started wagging her tail and was inching towards the rescuers, led by Ermioni Giannakou, as if she knew they were there to help. She had a collar on, but she wasn’t microchipped.

The rescuers then took Tasia to a vet for a check-up, where they found that she had leishmaniasis, severe mange, heartworms, scabies, as well as being severely malnourished.

Tasia, being open to people and being so positive, showed that even after everything she went through, she still trusted people. With proper treatment and care at the team’s facilities, she has already started getting better.

The rescue team wrote on Facebook that Tasia is just absolutely wonderful and a pleasure to be around. They also said that thanks to people’s support, Tasia is now doing better and finally has blankets and a warm bed.

Tasia is just one of the many dogs that call the rescue’s compound as their home. In her current condition, it will take months before she fully recovers, but that’s okay because she is in the best place to do so.

The Diasozo team loves taking their time talking to every single dog for them to trust the rescuers and form a bond. They posted an update about Tasia a few days after their first post about her. They said that when they first met Tasia in the mountains, she had so much mange and was so malnourished that they couldn’t even tell what breed she was. Now, with the full support of the team and her supporters on the Internet, Tasia can rest assured that she has a good future ahead of her.

Source Diasozo Animal Rescue Team of Karditsa Greece via Facebook


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