We’d like to think that pets are more independent than we think they are. Sure, certain dog breeds may look and behave indifferently, but you might be reading your pet wrong.

If you have dogs, especially a Shiba Inu breed, then this article’s for you. This doggo’s name is Major, and he’s one of two dogs in this household.


Since they were bred to help with bird hunting, it’s only safe to think that they’re quite independent. You might want to reconsider those thoughts once you see what this dog did after being left at home.

Major’s hooman says that the pet would howl and scream piteously whenever she goes out and stays out for a bit. It’s like he’s scared that his mom would leave him for good.

That’s why mom makes sure that Major doesn’t see her packing a suitcase. Whenever she needs to leave for a trip, she lets him out to play so she can pack and not worry her beloved pet.

She says she’s never left Major with a suitcase in tow because of all that howling and piteous wailing. For some reason, the furry animal thinks that he’s going to be abandoned whenever mom goes outside.

Aww, we’re not sure if Major got abandoned in the past. He certainly behaves that way, and we could only give him virtual hugs from where we are. Most of us don’t deserve these doggos and their hearts!

It’s a good thing mom discovered this behavior. We couldn’t stand to hear him whimper and then howl any longer than his mom. It’s a good thing Major’s hooman is reassuring in both words and actions.

You heard it, Major. She’s never going to leave you, and that’s final. We don’t know where you got that idea, but leaving you isn’t ever gonna happen. Hope you understand that the soonest, Major!

Photo and video credits to The Adventures of Mandy and Major via YouTube


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