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David Alt, a native of Vancouver, Washington, went camping one day with his friend at Gifford Pinchot National Forest. With then was David’s Shiba Inu named Niko, who was 10 years old.

When they were their campsite, David took off Niko’s leash so the dog can explore. David wasn’t worried because Niko would go back from time to time, so he knew that the dog was okay.

Suddenly, the two guys heard screeching car tires. They hurriedly went to see what happened. David saw his dog turn away from the car and rushed to the forest. The dog was surprised and afraid.


A woman came out of the car and told the men that she hit Niko. She was surprised at Niko suddenly appearing. She was thankful though that the dog was alive, and there was no blood anywhere.

That information kept David quite relieved because it meant that the dog was not hurt but only stressed. He then started to look for Niko.

But David didn’t find the dog. He continued to search the next day to no avail. He even spent a month where they were camped and was joined by Caden, his son, in the hopes that Niko comes back.

David’s family helped. They also had volunteers helping them find Niko. They made flyers and even went on social media for more help. The post on Facebook got Niko’s disappearance more attention.

Two men who were camping saw Niko after a month of his disappearance. They knew about the missing dog, so they immediately contacted David.

David and Caden rushed to where the two men said they were. They saw Niko, and they were overjoyed.

Niko was thinner and was moving a lot slower. They took him to the vet who said that the dog lost muscle mass, and he may never get them back again. But the vet also said that Niko would recover.

The vet was right. He is now playful and back to his usual antics.

Lost dog found after a month in the wilderness

An amazing reunion. After 31 days lost in the woods, Niko the dog is back with his family. STORY: bit.ly/2MLRzZS

Posted by FOX 12 Oregon on Friday, 30 August 2019

Source: FOX 12 Oregon


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