Street life’s tough on anybody, and you do what you do to survive in that situation. This rescue team received a call from a concerned citizen who noticed a small dog wandering the streets for a while now.

Love cheeseburgers

This puppy lived on the streets, and we can tell that life’s hard. So when a good man comes up at you and gives you cheeseburgers? Well, you accept them, of course. They’re tasty, and they smell heavenly.

You’ll never know when you’re getting your next meal, so grab the opportunity. Cheeseburgers work their magic with strays every time!

The woman who called the rescue team turned out to be the same person who informed the group about a previous successful mission.

We agree that she’s fantastic, and in her own words, this guy’s incredible too!

The furry puppy didn’t give his rescuer a hard time, and a few moments later, the duo set off for the shelter. A beautiful, warm bath and food never fails to do wonders, and the furry pet settled in.

The pup must be thanking the stars for his good fortune, and we couldn’t help but send out praises to the team and the kind woman who called the dog in.

This shelter’s creative and allows people to get involved by sending in name suggestions for pets, and Jim picked the name, Conan.

Do you know the muscled, brave warrior in a TV series? Yep, that’s the namesake.

It’s a fitting name for a little puppy who braved life in the streets. Once Conan completes all his vaccine requirements, he’s ready for adoption.

Getting off of the streets and starting a new life in a loving home’s the ultimate dream for all our pets. They don’t require much, and they’re happy with what you can give—displays of affection’s mandatory too.

Oh, and cheeseburgers. We bet Conan’s namesake loves them too!

Photo and video credit to Hope for Paws via YouTube


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