Dogs love spending time with their fur parents that they’re willing to play any kind of game with them. No matter what game they actually end up playing, canines don’t mind so long as they’re having the most fun.

Thus, a lively doggo eagerly persuades its fur dad to play baseball with it. And, it looks like Dad can’t resist the pooch as he willingly pitches the ball towards it.

Dad, let’s play baseball!

In this energetic footage, Pepper, a mix-furred canine, stands on the garage floor. Yet, Pepper isn’t up for some sightseeing as she carries a yellow baseball bat.


Soon enough, Pepper circles the area until she finds a good spot to stand. As soon as the pooch gets into position, she then gazes at her fur dad’s location and carefully watches his every move.

When Dad still doesn’t pitch the ball, Pepper inclines her head to the side twice to convince the man to start the game. Seeing the dog’s reaction, Dad decides to follow suit and gets himself into position.

Whohoo! Way to go, Pepper!

The soonest Dad finds the best spot for him to stand, he then raises the two balls in the air. Recognizing the gesture Dad’s making, Pepper gets excited and starts barking.

Yet, Dad chooses to build the suspense as he makes a quick pause with his pitching. With this, the ever-alert Pepper makes sure not to miss out on Dad’s move as she never removes her eyes on the man.

Then, in a split second, Dad pitches the ball to Pepper. The soonest the doggo sees the ball flying in her direction, Pepper swings the bat to hit it.

With this, Dad and his friend watching from the sidelines can’t help but praise Pepper for a job well done. Do you think Dad and the agile pooch perform another round of the exciting baseball game? Keep viewing the sporty canine by clicking “Play” in the link found below.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube


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