In Northern Minnesota, a homeless dog dug a shelter in the snow for her freezing litter. Heavy snow had blanketed the region, and the stray dog and her six puppies were cold and hungry.

The mother dog had no more milk for her puppies, and the 3-week-old litter was starving. The dog couldn’t find suitable shelter, so she got to work on digging one out of the snow. The dog then wrapped herself around the six puppies to keep them warm.


A family stumbled across the dog and her puppies and immediately took them into their car. The family drove the dogs to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue shelter in Northern Minnesota.

The staff at Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue named the mother dog Snowbelle. Rosie’s Rescue could not believe Snowbelle survived out in the freezing snow, along with her young puppies.

After spending a couple of days in a warm shelter with plenty of food, Snowbelle started to produce her milk again. Snowbelle was then able to start feeding her litter. Once Snowbelle’s puppies were healthy, they were put up for adoption.

All but two of Snowbelle’s litter have found permanent homes.

Snowbelle was transferred to Pet Projects in Nerstrand, Minnesota, in hopes of finding a home for the dog. The founder of Pet Projects, Nancy Bruley, said no one knows anything about Snowbelle’s past. All they knew is Snowbelle had been on her own for a long time and was apprehensive.

Renamed Asha, the brave dog has blossomed at her new shelter. When she first arrived, Asha did not know how to walk with a leash, and she was very fearful. Whenever Nancy approached Asha, the timid dog would put her head down.

Now, Asha walks with a leash and has gained confidence. Nancy is hopeful Asha will find a loving home soon.

Credits: Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue Facebook and Pet Projects


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