Sugar Mama was already around nine years old when she arrived at the house of John and Brianna Flores. She was in rough shape and was about to give birth.

Her previous life was full of hardships as evidenced by her condition. And this made Brianna want to help her even more.

Right by her side

When the senior dog arrived, they were worried because she refused to eat or drink. Because she was pregnant, she needed all the nutrients that she could get. From the look of things, she wasn’t feeling very well and it did not bode well for her. She, or her puppies, might not survive the pregnancy.


Brianna would not allow this to happen. She set up a warm and comfortable place for the pregnant pit bull and stayed by her side always. She wanted to be there when she gave birth. And soon enough, it happened. The kind foster mom helped her give birth to three puppies.

cute, white, puppy

The first one, Cane, was healthy and the biggest of the litter. The second, Cookie, was stillborn and wasn’t breathing. But Brianna stimulated her body and she started breathing on her own. The last one, Cube, gasped for air for a full hour. She blew air into her continuously until he normalized.

But that wasn’t really the end of their problems.

Every two hours

It seemed that Sugar Mama wasn’t producing any milk, and she still refused to eat or drink. So for the next 24 hours, Brianna sat with the puppies and took care of them. For the next few weeks, she took them away from Sugar Mama’s side and would bottle-feed them every two hours.

Amazingly, when the stress of her pregnancy and child-rearing was removed, the mama dog started eating and getting better. But because of her advanced age, she still wasn’t producing any milk.

The three puppies also grew healthy and strong, thanks to Brianna’s persistence. Two of the incredible adorable pups have already been adopted and the third is in the process as well. As for Sugar Mama, Brianna and John are just making sure that she is completely well before they find a new home for her.

Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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