Dogs are an important part of most people’s life, they are family. Sometimes our furry friends can do the most amazing things! This little chihuahua named Bear is credited with saving a woman’s life.

A woman by the name of Melinda Lebarron was outside her house in Pennsylvania with her chihuahua when a bear grabbed her leg and held on. She was taking her chihuahua mix, Bear, on their nightly walk through their town of Muncy.

When the dog began to bark, she looked around to try and find the reason. It was moments later that she was slammed to the ground by a giant black bear. The bear grabbed Melinda by the leg and dragged her off the road into the woods.


She defended herself against the bear by frantically trying to punch it off of her. The black bear pulled her 80 yards away from where she was initially standing at the time of the attack. The chihuahua mix chased his owner and tried to fight the bear by biting at it.

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commissioner, Black Bears are a common sight in the Pennsylvania woods. Normally, black bears are not harmful, and they do not go after people. The best way to keep a black bear away from your property is to remove all food sources near and around your house.

With some quick-thinking Melinda decided to go limp to defer the bear from attacking. When she stopped moving the bear moved its focus to the dog who was fiercely biting him.

These few moments from the time she went limp to the time the bear moved his attention to the dog she was able to crawl to a near by bush. Bear continued to bark, nip and bite at the bear and this distracted the bear significantly.

Melinda dragged her broken body back to her house where she was able to call a neighbor before collapsing. The neighbor and family called the authorities immediately. Melinda was rushed to Geisinger Medical Center where she was listed as being in critical condition.

Bear, the long haired chihuahua was taken to the Susquehanna Trail Animal Hospital. Bear suffered from a punctured lung, external wounds, and a broken sternum. The dog was very lucky to be alive after the attack.


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Cathy D. Evans
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