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Some owners can be too lenient when it comes to feeding their dogs. When that happens, there’s a chance that they’ll be dealing with an overweight dog. That is what happened to the Gold Retriever named Brownie Cake.

Travis Brorsen is an animal expert who helps owners with their overweight pets. The dog weighed 85 pounds, which is beyond the recommended weight of 50 pounds. In four months, the owners need to bring down Brownie’s weight to 68 pounds.

The owners have three basic rules to follow. There needs to be more activity for the dog. They need to reduce the frequency of treats. Finally, there need to be fun activities that encourage Brownie to exercise.


Travis replaced the dog’s retractable leash with something simpler and more manageable. He showed the owners how to walk Brownie consistently and correctly. The owners think their dog is just lazy, but Travis doesn’t believe it’s the case.

After a few more days, Travis took the owners to a place called the Zoom Room. It’s an agility course facility for dogs. Little by little, Brownie learned how to go through each obstacle course with the help if motivational snacks. However, since the goal is to lose weight, the snacks are controlled.

After four months, Travis returned to the owners to check how Brownie Cake is doing. When the trainer saw her, he noticed how different she looked. He could no longer feel the rolls of fat under her fur.

It was time to see how many pounds the dog lost in four months. After strapping Brownie to the scale, the results were shown. She weighed 65 pounds. That is 20 pounds less than her weight at the start of the consultation.

The owners have also been consistent in bringing their dog to the Zoom Room. Brownie Cake has taken a total of 6 classes, and she became more obedient. Everything went well for this case of a pet makeover.

Video courtesy of Animal Planet’s Pet Makeover via YouTube.


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