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With the community lockdown announcement, many people across the globe had no choice but to stay at home. After all, this is for the safety of all people and the novel coronavirus not to spread anymore. Ever since the lockdown got imposed, people have developed their ways of coping with stress and boredom at home. One of which is exercising with their dogs.

This pooch named Magnus is a testament to this as he becomes his dad’s trainer. Brian Benson loves to workout regularly, but since there is a community lockdown, Brian has no access to the gym. The grind, however, does not stop there because Brian uses this opportunity to workout at home.

Brian eventually sought the help of his beloved pooch, Magnus, to help him with the workout. For Bryan, this does not only help him physically, but it also reconnects him with his pooch. He said he knows that he is busy with work, so, during this lockdown, the man wants to spend quality time with Magnus.


Magnus is a therapy pooch, so it came as a little surprise to Brian that it was easy to teach the dog with new tricks. Since Magnus wants to show care to Brian, the pooch helps his human with his daily workout routine. The dog serves as Brian’s training buddy as he receives tasks from the man from time to time.

One of the exercises that the dog enjoys doing with Brian is the curl-ups. In this exercise, the dog would guide Brian in doing the curl-ups. Each time that Brian successfully does the curl-ups, he would give a treat to the pooch. This is a win-win situation for the two because they get to help each other with their individual needs. Bryan is so delighted that he gets to exercise with Magnus because this is his way of spending time with the pooch.

Credits to Magnus The Therapy Dog.


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