A video of this big dog getting excited to see the mailman trended over social media last year. It already raked in over 200 million views since it was uploaded last May.

In the video, a big dog was seen running out to the driveway to meet his mailman. He sat and quietly wagged his tail as he waited for the mailman to step off his truck. As soon as he was out, the dog immediately jumped right onto him and the mailman gave him big hugs and played with him for some time.

The first time that Meghan saw this was when she was preparing lunch. She saw through the window how her dog Moose ran out of the backdoor excitedly waiting for the mailman to arrive. And then it happened the next day and the next, next day so she decided to film the moment.


Usually, FedEx and Amazon couriers would be nervous of Moose because he was a big dog but the mailman never minded. Meghan thought that as much as Moose was excited to see him, he was also very excited to see Moose. He loved to give him big hugs and he never tells Moose to get down and just embraces who Moose is as a dog.

It became a routine between the two. The mailman came every single day and he always gave Moose around three to four minutes of love before going back on his way. After some time, Meghan found out that the mailman had recently lost his dog. He shared with his friends that it was a very hard time for him.

It was like Moose sensed that the mailman was going through a difficult time in his life. And Meghan hoped that Moose really knew this somehow and partially the love that he showers the mailman with was because he knew the mailman needed it.

Both Meghan and Moose are looking forward to more days and years with the mailman.

Source: YouTube via The Dodo


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