It’s devastating to have a pet go missing all of a sudden. It’s even sadder when it happens to an innocent child. Fortunately for a kid named Tyler, he didn’t have to grieve the loss of his beloved dog because they eventually reunited.

Tyler and his mother, Jamie, have a lovely pit bull named Bruiser. This dog was like a brother to Tyler, and the two of them did most things together. Unfortunately, the dog disappeared one day, and the family had no idea where it went.

Jamie made flyers about the missing dog and posted them everywhere she could. The family even offered a thousand dollars to anyone who found Bruiser. Every day was filled with anxiety as the family waited for any good news regarding their dog.


Eventually, Jamie finally received a call from Highland County Animal Control. The organization told Jamie that they found her dog, or at least one that looked like Bruiser. When Jamie went to their office, she confirmed that it was indeed her dog.

Jamie and her husband wanted to surprise Tyler with the good news. They made sure to record their child’s reaction as he was reunited with his dog. As expected, the kid was pleasantly surprised and was even moved to tears.

As Tyler cried tears of joy, Bruiser lay in front of him, giving him comfort. The child hugged his dog tightly, and it took him a while to process the situation. Tyler had been waiting for two months for that day, never giving up hope.

People on the internet who saw Tyler and Bruiser’s reunion video were also moved. The raw emotions that were captured on camera resonated well with other people. They have nothing but sympathy and praise for the little boy and his dog.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube.


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