After serving for six full years with the military, Bob has finally received the green light for his retirement application. The Labrador has fulfilled his final shift for the military, and Bob could not be nostalgic nor thankful for the opportunity given to him.

With his retirement, Bob similarly received praise for his services to the military. The dog’s retirement likewise comes with recognition from the communities he has served in the past. The dog is expected to be sheltered at Virginia’s Naval Air Station, Oceania. Although he has retired already, the services he rendered will forever be remembered, especially by the people he served.

Before his retirement, Bob had a taste of work when he got deployed at the Lackland Air Force Base. His line of work includes sniffing bombs in Afghanistan as well as searching and retrieving multiple explosives. Mike Hausmann, Bob’s handler, said that the pooch served the military in more ways than one.


During his stint in Afghanistan, the pooch became instrumental in seizing bombs and other explosives. This saved the military personnel he was with from apparent danger and death. Even though the dog’s early retirement saddens mike, he knows that the pooch deserves the same. For Mike, six years is already long years of service, and the dog needs to enjoy life, too.

On his retirement day, the dog got awarded with the Navy and Maritime Corps Commendation Medal. This is to show that the dog’s contribution to the military is immense. During the recognition, soldiers stood in columns and saluted the pooch. It was their way of affirming the dog for a job well done.

According to Mike, he is so proud of what the pooch achieved. Now that the dog is retired, Bob no longer needs to sniff bombs. This time he only needs to catch tennis balls during his playtime.

Credits to Orange County Register.


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