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As much as people love having multiple pets, sometimes it doesn’t work out like they want to. Some circumstances make it hard to own multiple dogs. The Autumn family has experienced great distress while dealing with two of their bulldogs.

French bulldog Rufus and English Bulldog Jojo are always in conflict. Rufus always attacks Jojo, and sometimes the wounds are fatal. Jenny, the owner, has been rushed to the hospital before due to trying to break up the fight. It’s causing her great stress.

Jenny seeks the guidance of dog trainer Victoria Stilwell. While introducing Jojo, something unexpected happened. Jojo is usually inside a cage because of Rufus. Jenny stated that Rufus doesn’t attack when Rufus is on a leash.


However, for the first time, Rufus did.

Jenny is incredibly stressed. She is not allowed to be too stressed because of a medical condition. She had to make a tough decision. She asked a friend named KJ to temporarily take Jojo until Jenny’s health becomes better.

Meanwhile, while in the hands of KJ, Jojo has seen significant improvements. He seems much relaxed and less anxious about attacks. Victoria also took the time to explain all about the health problems that bulldogs have.

She talked about how bad breeders ruined the breed and how it has resulted in more expenses for bulldog owners.

After serious deliberations, Jenny has decided that Jojo needs to stay with KJ permanently. It’s hard for any dog owner to let go of their dog, but she knows it’s for the better. Victoria told Jenny she is willing to work harder with both her dogs. But ultimately, the decision was up to Jenny.

The decision to rehome Jojo is beneficial for both Jenny and Jojo. The bulldog will be able to live his best life. Jenny, too will decrease her stress. It goes to show that sometimes letting go of your dog is what solves the problem.

Video courtesy of It’s Me or The Dog via YouTube.



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