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Dogs show their affection toward their humans through licking and holding hands. It is a common understanding that dogs are clingy. This is the reason why they like to hold hands with their owners whenever there is a chance.

This rescue dog named Stanley is one of the dogs who love to do this activity with his owner. According to Sam Clarence, Stanley does not want to let go of his hands whenever they are outside.

Clarence previously worked as a volunteer dog walker. His main task was to walk dogs outside the animal shelter. One day, he was asked by one volunteer if he wants to be a foster dad to a dog. He agreed, so he was tasked to take care of Stanley for a few weeks.


In his first encounter with Stanley, Clarence knew that there was something special about the dog. He said in a later interview that during that time, he wanted to adopt the dog for good. So, he did.

He processed all the needed documents so that he will have custody over the dog. His request to adopt the pooch was soon granted. He then took the pooch in his new environment.

While the dog looked scared at first, Stanley was able to embrace his new home. Clarence provided Stanley with the things he needs. The owner bought a small bed so that Stanley will have something to use.

The two eventually got along. After Stanley adjusted to his new environment, the pooch showed his true colors. The dog is energetic and sweet, Clarence shared. Clarence also mentioned that the dog would always follow him wherever he goes.

Some of the activities the dog enjoy are being petted, strolling around the neighborhood, and running. Whenever they go out for a walk, the dog would like to be held by the hand. Clarence said that he would not trade anything for Stanley. For him, adopting Stanley was the best decision he made so far.

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