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Sometimes even the most loyal dogs end up running away from home. This could be due to boredom or just plain curiosity. Regardless of the reason, a responsible owner will always go after their runaway pet before it gets into trouble or goes missing.

One fluffy dog named Chachacha had been giving her owner a lot of headaches since she ran away. Despite being a very kind and gentle dog, she refuses to approach her owner whenever he finds her. The owner had to spend weeks trying to chase her within a large junkyard.

The owner tried every method of luring Chachacha on his own. He tried enticing the dog with food or approaching in a calm and unimposing manner. Since none of those methods worked, the owner decided to seek the help of professional dog rescuers.


Barricades were not a good option since the junkyard was a large area. Instead, they had to build a large trap and lure Chachacha into it. One rescuer cooked a tasty meal and placed it inside the cage, hoping the dog would smell it from afar.

As expected, the dog got lured into the trap. When the owner approached Chachacha, she didn’t try to escape or run away anymore. It is as if the dog knew that the chase was over and it was time for her to return home.

Before sending Chachacha back home, the owner took her to a veterinary clinic. The vets did not find anything seriously wrong with her health. The only issue with Chachacha is her fur got dirty, and her eyes were dryer, problems that were immediately addressed through grooming.

After the visit to the vet and groomers, Chachacha went back home with her owner. There was a new dog house waiting for her. The owner made an extra effort to make the dog feel at home so she wouldn’t run away again.

More tips on how to stop dogs from running away see this video: How to stop runaway dogs.


Source: YouTube.


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