It’s common to see two dogs not get along. However, even if two dogs start off on the wrong foot, they can still have a good relationship later down the line. A celebrity proved this in the latest featured video by The Dodo, an American media brand focused on telling animal stories.

A celebrity named Kalen Allen shared his experience taking care of his dogs. His first dog was called Karter, who had a tendency to be antisocial. The only person that dog likes is Kalen, and he would never hang out with any other dogs as well.

Kalen likes to think of Karter as like another human being with his own personality. He treats him like one as well. According to Kalen, it was like he was a full-time parent. That’s why it became complicated when Kalen tried to introduce another dog to him.


One day, Kalen brought home a puppy named Kana, who shook Karter’s world. The older dog didn’t know what to do. He wasn’t used to a playful young puppy invading his personal space.

A problem arose, which was getting Karter used to a new life with a housemate. There’s also the issue of him being rough when playing. A wrestling match was happening in Kalen’s home every day, although no serious harm was done.

One day it finally dawned on Karter that Kana was there to stay, and he needed to be friendlier towards her. Moving forward, the two dogs became gentler with each other. It came right to a point where they would sleep and cuddle in the same bed.

According to Kalen, taking care of two dogs was, and still is, a very rewarding experience. He got a chance to cultivate a strong relationship with the dogs’ past and present selves. He emphasized how his dogs had changed his life by making him experience the perspective of a parent.

From time to time, it’s good to be reminded that celebrities like Kalen are just like us. They experience the same joy we do when in the presence of loveable dogs. His experience with Karter and Kana is definitely relatable.

Video courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube.


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