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Healthcare workers fell victims to the harsh reality of a pandemic. When the pandemic hit, there was not a day in the hospital that was not busy.

Healthcare workers from the Queen’s Medical Center (QMC) in Hawaii are no strangers to burnout due to their work. But fortunately, a therapy dog does an important job in comforting them.

Samson, a Golden Retriever, received the daunting task of providing support to the healthcare workers at the hospital. Before he got deployed there, the dog finished his training at the Assistance Dogs of Hawaii (ADH). Samson’s deployment at QMC was accidental as he was originally a Covid detection dog.


But when his trainers saw the dog’s potential at comforting, they gave Samson a try at the QMC. According to healthcare workers who mingle with the dog, Samson has natural calming power. The dog’s mere presence lightens the mood even in the most stressful COVID-19 ward.

With this, the healthcare workers are thankful for Samson’s presence in the hospital. This is because, while their duties are hectic, Samson makes it a little bit bearable.

Right now, Samson got assigned to QMC’s COVID-19 unit, where the stress level is high. According to Maureen Maurer, ADH’s executive director, the dog is doing a good job so far. Maureen added that this was the first time they deployed a dog inside a COVID-19 facility.

When they heard about the stress levels that healthcare workers face, Maureen did not think twice about deploying Samson there. This is because Maureen saw the potential of the dog in helping distressed individuals.

With Samson’s excellent job, Maureen said that their decision to deploy Samson at QMC got reaffirmed. But more than the reaffirmation, Maureen shared that she feels fulfilled to receive positive feedback on the dog’s help to healthcare workers.

Credits to Funkipets Online Pet Shop.


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