Anya, a German shepherd, has always been a huge help around the house. She basically taught herself how to fetch things for her owner. Her abilities got put to good use when an unexpected guest arrived and became a part of the family.

It all started when Anya stuck her head in the dryer while her owner, Lori, was doing laundry. She took the laundry out and handed it to her owner. From there, she started doing other tasks.

If ever Lori is doing something, Anya would be there to help her out. If she opens the dishwasher, the dog will be there handing her a dish. If Lori comes back from grocery shopping, Anya will help her bring the bags inside the house.


One day Lori and her husband saw a kitten living in the dumpster. She couldn’t leave it alone, so she brought it home and named it Munchie. The kitten was kept in the basement with a litterbox and a little bed.

There was a narrow opening on the basement door. This is where Anya would sit while she observed the kitten. Soon the dog didn’t have to peak anymore because she was allowed inside the basement. This paved the way for the dog and the kitten to become best friends.

Anya was the reason Munchie became more comfortable around the house. They would play together all the time with Munchie’s favorite shoestring. Since Anya likes to fetch items, she would often bring Munchie her toys as well.

Anya became the bridge between Munchie and Lori. She became the guardian that watched over the tiny kitten. Lori likes to describe her dog as a wonderful angel. Hence, why she becomes emotional every time she sees her pets having fun together.

Video courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube.


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Cathy D. Evans
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