Not everyone likes taking care of senior dogs. A lot of them are left behind and placed inside shelters waiting for the day they get euthanized. However, senior dogs deserve as much happiness as the younger ones. This is why there are special people out there who foster senior dogs and give them hospice care.

A rescuer named Zach had met a senior dog named Henry. This dog was very confused during their first meeting. Henry was 16 years old and with a lot of health problems. To make it all worse, he was surrendered because he had cancer.

It was obvious just by observing Henry that he was in a lot of pain. Zach wanted to care for him and make his last days as joyous as possible. He brought Henry home for foster care.


Zach was surprised to see Henry get better under his care. After removing the dog’s testicular cancer, his demeanor changed. Henry no longer looked like he gave up; he didn’t look defeated.

Every day, when Henry sees Zach, he would gallop. The gallops became more vigorous and powerful as the days went by. This made Zach realize that hospice care won’t just be for days or weeks. Henry might live longer than expected.

Surprisingly, a number of people showed interest in adopting Henry. All of those interested knew that he didn’t have much time left, yet they were determined to have him. Eventually, Zach found a family suited to adopt Henry.

Zach was getting ready to foster another dog shortly after Henry got adopted. He’s satisfied that Henry was going to pass away surrounded by love. Henry has so much love to give and receive. Every senior dog deserves to spend their twilight years in a home filled with warmth.

Video courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube.


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