One of the tallest hurdles that dog owners have to face when it comes to disciplining their dogs is getting them to stay put. We can’t really blame our pups, because this is just how they are. They don’t really belong indoors, and it’s in their nature to wander around to sate their curiosity.

Although it’s not impossible to get our pups to stay put, or to keep them from running away, it will take a lot of training and patience to get them to stay. That’s why this viral clip below really had us stunned when this cute little poodle showed the world that not all dogs are mischievous.


This clip was shot in Shanghai, China, just recently. This cute pooch and her dog dad were taking a nice stroll outdoors and right off the bat, we can see that the pup is not wearing a leash. This is a strong indication that this doggo is incredibly obedient and his human won’t need to worry about her running away.

The clip starts off with the pooch approaching her dad while carrying a bag of treats. The poodle’s human is carrying a plastic ring, like those being used in dog shows. When the pup sat right in front of her dad, the man put the ring around her and placed it on the ground.

The dog dad then moved his hand around the pooch in a circular motion. It’s as if he’s telling her that there is an invisible wall that she’s not supposed to break out of. Lo and behold, the poodle really stayed put. She never put a paw outside the ring, let alone, step outside of it.

Miss Yang, the woman who uploaded the video, shared that people who saw the pooch even tried to coax her out of it. But despite their efforts, the doggo was obedient enough to do what her dad told her, and that is to stay. We could only wish our own dogs could be this obedient. See the incredible doggo video below.

Credits: CGTN


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