It’s hard to resist a dog with big brown eyes and a silly grin while they watch you eat but feeding your pup human food is not the best idea. Isn’t a tiny bit from the table okay? Not always, there are many foods that are not suitable for a dog’s digestion system.

There is some people food that are great for dogs, but it is very limited and has to be prepared in a specific manner, it is best to stay away from table scraps all together. Animal Poison Control Center has been able to identify a number of toxic foods that you should avoid feeding your pooch.

Yeast Dough:


This might be a surprising one as it doesn’t sound like it could do much harm because yeast is in bread, right? In dough form the yeast will rise and when a dog ingests the yeast it will start to stick and cause gas to accumulate in the digestive system.

Yeast Dough can cause a life-threatening condition called bloat. Bloat is a condition where gas is trapped in the stomach and the insistence will twist. This condition happens very quickly, and it is life-threatening if your dog is not able to release the gas that has built up because of the dough.

Nuts & Grapes:

This is one of the more unknown toxic foods, grapes and nuts can be fatal, they cause kidney failure. Unfortunately, there is not enough research on these foods that point to why they cause a reaction so severe.

Salt and Salt based Snack items:

This can include anything such as; nuts, salt and vinegar chips, salt popcorn, and anything else that has high amounts of salt. When a dog ingests too much salt it will result in uncontrolled thirst and excessive urination.

This can also cause sodium ion poisoning in dogs. The symptoms for this are: vomiting, diarrhea, depression, tremors, seizures, death, depression, and elevated body temperature. Make sure to avoid all salty foods, even pretzels!

 Bones, Eggs, Uncooked Meat:

Dogs are supposed to chew on bones and eat meat, right? Just like humans, dogs should avoid these items. Raw eggs and meat contain a bacterium called Salmonella and E. Coli.

Eggs have an enzyme called avidin and this decreases the absorption of Vitamin B. The lack of absorption leads to skin and coat problems. As for the bones, these can actually be more harmful then helpful and they are not a healthy snack!

Raw bones can cause choking or splintering. If they are chewing the bone it may break off into small splinters that become lodged in the intestines and puncture the digestive tract.

Onions, Garlic, Chives:

These are all vegetables and herbs that can cause gas, irritation, and lead to things like bloat and red blood cell damage. If a large amount of these are eaten it can be toxic to the animal and will need to be diagnosed quickly otherwise this can be a fatal condition.

Toxicity is usually diagnosed by clinical signs and microscopic organization of certain cells. Bloat can be much harder to catch because It happens so fast.


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