Dogs can be your best friends for life and your guardian angels with four legs!

Dogs can be our protectors whenever when we are in danger. They have saved the lives of humans a lot of times. They also have served as our comforter when we feel sad or in pain. Moreover, dogs have also helped the dying in passing on peacefully.

The Hall family of Minneapolis had two eight-year-old Basset Hounds named Gracie and Grumpy. The two dogs had served as the family’s source of joy and happiness. When they met Nora–the youngest member of the family–for the first time, Gracie and Grumpy immediately welcomed her. Gracie would always comfort Nora whenever she would hear her cry.


A few months after Nora was born, she suffered a stroke. Nora was immediately brought to the Children’s Hospital for treatment. However, after three weeks without progress, doctors told them the truth: Nora would not be able to make it.

The news was heartbreaking for Mary and her husband. They also worried about their two dogs, that they might look for her if they would go home without Nora. The nurses asked them if they have a special request before Nora would pass on. They requested if their dogs could see Nora for the last time by bringing them to the hospital.

As soon as Mary and her husband brought Gracie and Grumpy to the hospital, they lowered Nora’s bed so that the two dogs would be able to climb and comfort her for the last time. They kissed her and slept beside her.

Nora passed away a month after she suffered a stroke. Mary and her husband were thankful for the hospital staff for granting their simple request, that their sweet Nora would be with her two favorite dogs for the last time. Nora was five months old when she left the Earth. In addition, Grumpy and Gracie helped Mary and her husband cope with the loss of their baby.

Video courtesy of ABC News via YouTube


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