Rescued Dog

A dog who had gone missing for three months was finally reunited with her owners when a couple of surfers found him on a remote island located in Vancouver.

Zach Regan and Matty Johnson were on an overnight fishing and surfing trip near a remote island in Vancouver when they spotted the animal. The duo was on their boat on Magdalena point, and Zach was looking at the shoreline caves when he saw something moving there.


Zach told reporters that he soon realized that the animal was a dog who was stuck there at the beach and was living in the caves.

Zach and Matty noticed that there were no humans on the tiny island. The dog was in definite need of help, so Matty got his wetsuit on, took his surfboard, jumped into the waters, and swam toward the island beach.

Matty approached the dog who was sitting in front of a cave and coaxed the helpless pooch to come toward him. Matty then somehow got the dog on his surfboard and started paddling toward the boat. Zach brought the boat closer and then grabbed the pooch and pulled him on board.

The dog looked emaciated and hypothermic. The duo rescuers made the pooch wear a life jacket and wrapped her in a blanket to keep her warm before moving their boat toward the shore. Once they reached the shore, they quickly fed and bathed the dog. The two friends then contacted Leslie Steeves, who is the founder of an organization that reunites lost pets with their owners.

When Leslie heard about the dog, she was amazed at how the dog was able to survive living at such rugged terrain. She knew that Zach and Matty had saved the dog from certain death.

Leslie got CTV to air the news on their channel, and within a day, the dog was reunited with her owners.

Image source: ROAM via Facebook


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