If you’ve ever gotten or adopted a rescue dog, you would know that it usually comes with some special bonuses. Rescue dogs, either raised on the streets or abandoned, usually come with a heart full of quirkiness. Mind you, these quirks aren’t things to hate! These are just ways to love your pooch even more!

For one adorable dog, that special quirk happens to be separation anxiety. This particular anxiety often happens in dogs that have been abandoned and completely left alone as puppies. When their human parents aren’t home very often, separation anxiety can cause some underlying issues or worst, some destructive behavior.

Meet Tofu, a Great Dane that was rescued. Sadly, he has been struggling with his anxiety. The shelter he has stayed with shares that he has tried to escape several times. But it turns out, he wasn’t trying to escape. He just wanted to be with his previous family.


Thankfully, his new foster family loves him dearly and was determined to work through it with him. In his new foster home, he ended up becoming buddies with another Great Dane named Zoot!

As Tofu’s mother kept watching the two dogs interact on camera, she noticed that Zoot was actually helping Tofu more than she realized. When she would go outside, leaving the two dogs together, Tofu would start to get anxious and scared. He would bark and start to become upset.

Zoot would then come and lay down next to the scared Tofu to make sure he stays calm and comforted. Like a good big sister, she would calm Tofu down and would place her head over his. It’s as if she’s telling him that everything is okay and that there was nothing to worry about.

After a month or two, Tofu learned to adjust to his new setup. He has even started putting on weight again! To this day, he is full of confidence and is slowly learning to be a normal puppy again.

Watch how Zoot sweetly helps Tofu in the video below.

Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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