Willie is one of the most lovable dogs that anyone could ever meet. Just ask his officemates; they all adore him. To be exact, they are not really his officemates, but his mom’s. Jill takes his beloved pet to work every day, and their office is so much the better for it. Jill’s colleagues look forward to Willie’s visit to their work area every day as it lifts the morale of everybody.

Willie’s typical day

Willie usually arrives at the office at around 9 in the morning. He’s been there so many times that he has worked out a routine already. As soon as they arrive, he runs up the stairs and waits for his mom to open the door. Once inside, he goes directly to Mandi’s room, that’s his favorite co-worker. He says good morning to Mandi by making his favorite sound, woo-woo. Willie would then receives his first hug and rub for the day.

For the next couple of hours, Willie will join his mom in her own room, where she will work. At around 11 am it’s time to go around and greet the other people. He would walk and run in the hallways going through one room to the other. If nobody notices him coming in, he will make his signature sound, woo-woo. If he came across closed doors, he will sit down and make his sound again until somebody opens it.

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At noon, he would be doing his job as a shredder. He would find cardboard boxes and shred them down. An hour later, at lunchtime, he will check everybody’s meals. Maybe take a bite or two to see if they are any good. The next agenda is to visit the boss. Maybe discuss a few details of his work. Then it’s back to mom’s office for a nap. Before going home, its time to revisit Mandi’s office for a quick rub to the belly. And that’s it; his day is done.

Jill’s colleagues love that she takes Willie to work. It helps them relieve some of the anxieties that they may have. There have been many studies that show how dogs can help people lighten their moods. This works very well in a working environment. Don’t you wish your office had a Willie too?

Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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